Project JungleCHICk is a fashion brand that works with artisans from Venezuela that aims to both generate employment and benefit the communities of the craftsmen and women they collaborate with. Project JungleCHICk also aims to enforce the idea of ethical fashion, and describes itself as a “fashion attitude for a better planet”


Currently, PJC is working with six different groups of artisans they have met during their extensive travels throughout the whole of Venezuela. The group consists of weavers, goldsmiths, the Wayúu and Eńepa indigenous groups, and master artisans of acrylic work and sisal. Found in Adícora, Caracas, Lara, Guajira Peninsula and Maniapure, each different product or textile holds within nuances of the different Venezuelan provinces.


The founder of Project JungleCHICk is Irma Bravo, a US-born, Venezuelan designer. Her innovative work is a marriage of architecture and fashion, and of natural and digital inspiration. Her designs have been incorporated into the collections and projects of Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Club Monaco and The Rockwell Group, among others.  She has also provided consulting services for the likes of Jason Wu.


After several years in New York, Irma felt an urge to return to Venezuela and work towards her childhood dream of building and promoting artisan workshops. The idea was to empower local artisans by keeping alive traditional craftsmanship techniques, generating employment and alleviating poverty.


We work from Caracas, Venezuela.

Av. del Avila con Av. Francisco de Miranda. Edif. Humbolt Piso 1 ofic 4. Tel  212 – 2664001. Email: